Refund Policy

iOS and Android App

This policy outlines the circumstances under which a user (of the iOS or Android app "CLUBIFY") is entitled to a refund for any transactions carried out within the app.

Club Membership Payments:

Once a membership subscription has been purchased for a particular club, any requests for refunds must be directed to a club committee representative who deals with membership. If deemed appropriate, a refund may subsequently be approved by your club and processed through the Clubify platform.

Once off lotto entries:

Once entered in a weekly lotto draw, a user cannot seek a refund on any entries purchased.

Lotto Subscriptions:

Subscriptions to a club's weekly lotto draw are billed in advance on either a monthly or quarterly basis. We will notify you by email in advance of charging your card. Once your card has been charged, the conditions of a refund will depend on the following. In the case of a draw which has already taken place, a user is not entitled to any refund of the cost of the entry. A user is, however, entitled to cancel their subscription at any point with immediate effect. In this case, the fees charged for any lotto draws which have not yet taken place will be refunded to the user.

Further Information:

If you have any further questions, please contact a member of your local club committee or email us at